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Coordination, dissemination and cross-fertilisation

Coordinated by Lorenzo Malerba, CIEMAT (ES) and Christian Robertson, CEA (FR)

DM3 deals with the coordination of the project and includes all activities of cross-fertilisation between fusion and fission materials, as well as the dissemination and exploitation of results. It is organized in three WPs:

WP1: Ethics requirements. This WP had as purpose the verification of the fact that all activities funded by the EU in the project comply with ethics. The work was performed and concluded at the beginning of the project, by describing the ethics requirements applicable to M4F and the relevant European and national legislations.

WP7: Dissemination and data management. This WP manages the open access data, also after the withdrawal of the project from the H2020 Open Research Data (ORD) pilot, and deals with the definition of the nanoindentation data format through the involvement with CEN (Comité Europeén de Normalisation). The WP also includes all communication and result dissemination activities, including the organization of cross-cutting fission/fusion events, training events, the presentation of the project in conferences and workshops, the maintenance of the website and the follow up of presentations and open access publications, whereby the results of the project are disseminated.

WP8: Management. This WP deals with ensuring that the project runs smoothly, by (i) organizing periodic meetings of the governance bodies (see Governance), according to what is set out in the Consortium Agreement; (ii) monitoring the work to timely identify difficulties and try to solve them; (iii) making sure all progress reports and deliverables are produced, and the milestones reached, on time. As part of this WP the project performs an exercise of self-assessment, through the appointed Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC).

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