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Plastic flow localisation

Coordinated by Ermile Gaganidze, KIT (DE) and David Rodney, CNRS (FR)

The aim of Domain 2 is to develop physically-based models able to predict the mechanical behaviour of irradiated F/M steels, specifically the effects of slip localisation after "low temperature" irradiation, as a consequence of the microstructural changes studied in Domain 1, in order to support the elaboration of design rules for structural materials for both fission and fusion applications. A multiscale approach is adopted throughout the Domains and WP, addressing the plastic behaviour of irradiated F/M steels at the atomic, mesoscopic, crystal and polycrystal scales, using synergistically atomistic, dislocation dynamics, phase field and crystal plasticity simulations. The domain also includes experimental validations based, in particular, on ion irradiations and the use and modelling of nanoindentation testing.

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