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Workshop on "Liquid metal technology: materials issues in fusion, fission and solar energy applications"

Liquid metals are used as heat transport & storage fluids in several technologies, including fusion, fission and solar thermal energy. Heavy liquid metals (HLM) based on lead are considered especially efficient and offer numerous advantages from both a thermal and a neutronic point of view. However, HLM pose serious issues of compatibility with materials in terms of corrosion, erosion, dissolution and also, in some cases, degradation of mechanical properties. These lifetime limiting and safety relevant effects may be exacerbated when the materials are concomitantly subjected to neutron irradiation. Design and materials solutions need to be identified as mitigation measures, which are largely common to all energy technologies that make use of HLM as heat transport & storage fluids.


The aim of this workshop is to provide an overview of the current knowledge concerning compatibility issues between materials and heavy liquid metals in fusion, fission and solar thermal energy technologies. All aspects, from fundamental mechanisms to protection and mitigation strategies, including whenever possible their industrial application, will be covered.


Via invited presentations of material and technology specialists, as well as panel discussions, cross-fertilisation between fusion, fission and solar thermal energy technologies, will be fostered, with common benefit and with a view to identifying and drawing a research programme to be jointly addressed in the coming years, embedded in an appropriate European framework.

When: Tuesday 06-11-2018 08:30 - Wednesday 07-11-2018 16:00
Where: CIEMAT, Avda. Complutense 40, Madrid (Spain)
practical information about how to reach the venue, the announcement and the (draft) programme can be found in the attached pdf files.
Contact: P. Agostini, L. Malerba, G. Pintsuk, A. Rinaldi, M. Serrano
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