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Challenges in the Multiscale Modelling of Radiation Effects in Nuclear Materials Symposium at the 9th Multiscale Materials Modeling (MMM) conference
This symposium is dedicated to the modelling from the atomic to the macroscopic scales of the behaviour of nuclear materials under irradiation: structural metallic materials, structural ceramics and fuel materials. Special emphasis will be given to the mesoscopic scale and on the transfer of information from scale to scale (length and time). The synergy with state-of-the art experimental techniques will also be addressed
When: Sunday 28-10-2018 00:00 - Friday 02-11-2018 00:00
Where: Osaka, Japan
Simposium organisers: Marjorie Bertolus (CEA, France); Lorenzo Malerba (SCK.CEN, Belgium); Lelio Luzzi
(Polimi, Italy); Jaime Marian (UCLA, USA)

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